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French Press

A French press, also known as a press pot, coffee press, coffee plunger, cafetière (UK) or сafetière à piston, is a simple coffee brewing device patented by Italian designer Attilio Calimani in 1929.


A French press requires coffee of a coarser grind than does a drip brew coffee filter, as finer grounds will seep through the press filter and into the coffee. Coffee is brewed by placing the coffee and water together, stirring it and leaving to brew for a few minutes, then pressing the plunger to trap the coffee grounds at the bottom of the beaker.

As with drip-brewed coffee, French pressed coffee can be brewed to any strength by adjusting the amount of ground coffee that is brewed. If the used grounds remain in the drink after brewing, French pressed coffee left to stand can become bitter, though this is an effect that many users of French press consider beneficial.

French Press coffee drinkers praise this method of brewing because of its superior taste and drinking quality, especially when made with an even coarse blend. When you drink coffee that’s been brewed with a French Press, you’re getting the full taste of the coffee as nature intended- pure.

French Press coffee brewing is also more organic. You don’t have to process your coffee through bleached filters (which may have unknown health consequences after long term use) and there’s absolutely no waste (you can use your coffee grounds as fertilizer in your garden). Overall, you also require fewer grounds to achieve the same taste for the same size of brew. French Press coffee is definitely the best way to drink your favourite coffee blend.

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